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about the site:

html is an on and off thing that i enjoy in my spare time,
also, i like the way old 90's websites look so i decided i would try it out myself
this is and will continue to be an unfinsihed mess as i only update the site if i have an idea i think will be cool or
even just the brain strength to start clacking away at my keyboard

some facts about myself:

name: luke

sign: aries

some of my favorite things:

animal: cat

food: spagbol, pizza, ribs, burgers, curry, arnotts cheese and bacon shapes

car: nissan skyline r32 gtst, 25th anniversary lamborghini countach, 02 bugeye impreza wrx

planet: earth

color: seven

please buy me arnotts cheese and bacon shapes with pepsi, coke, sprite, dr pepper, or aloe vera drinks with grape flavoring

wac site details
Born on: July 6, 2019

graveyard of my old projects

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