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31 March 2020
i added online users counter at bottom of this page, go look!

30 March 2020
its 1:13 am, the usual time for me to remember my website after two months
i have no inspiration for this site anymore, no more ideas
still have my girlfriend, its epic!
but coronavirus isnt epic and now im in quarrintine and cant see her which is shit
if i dont add more shit when its day time, ill probably leave agen

23 January 2020
back after being gone for over a month... again
happy new year, merry christmas
i still somehow have a girlfriend, we had our one
month anniversary on the 17th
be happy for me, i have never had a relationship go this far before

20 December 2019
back after being gone for almost a month
deleted the shrine
i have a girlfriend now, later virgins.

27 November 2019
game might not happen
> i need a new navigation system, dm my discord zyphor#4990
26 November 2019
even more bug fixing
looking into making some sort of
game or activity for the website.

25 November 2019
not much, just bug fixing
chirstmas is soon! i may do a christmas theme if i get
enough vies/follows/guestbook signings!

24 November 2019
thank god! i fixed some bugs with the side bar with help from
discord people. i also removed the autoplay music on the index page
i also added a graveyard that can be accessed through the info page
this has all my old projects on it, i will continue to add info
about these later - also i entered a webring and there are buttons
moon widget embedded now and cooking pages have begun appearing.

23 November 2019
Hey!, Today I decided to move the "logs"
to a mini updates box so that its easier to read and find!
and i started work on the info page! theres lots there now and
i shouldnt have to add much more to it.
i also did some updates to the home page like
adding music, fixing syntax errors and some
sizing and information changes + i deleted the bugged hitcounter

day month year
place holder for later added info

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