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9 May 2023 10:55 PM
its been a year. i turned 18 last month. happy birthday me.
i drppped out of school, quit my job, and am earning a trade certificate.
alot has changed. i kept promising to come back, i always did, just, never for very long,
and i doubt that will change.
21 May 2022 1:55 AM
just to prove im actually doing some work, i made a new cat post
and re organised or the posts so that they sort from newest to oldest

21 May 2022 1:31 AM
oh how the time flys...

its great to come back and visit you wonderful people!
i know i havent been active, and alot of things have happened recently
i have become a busy person, and thus have become distracted from the
many plans i had for this website.
i am not discontinuing development, nor am i making a concious effort
to ramp up code production again. i am merely stopping by to check on you
i miss all of you, and hope to see you soon
i may visit again shortly, possibly even making updates, but until then, goodbye
your truly, terminally online, wac < 3

18 September 2021
its official, shut up idiot

5 September 2021
give me ideas guys cmon
and send cats

31 August 2021
jail pt.2 is really good
12am-8:30am fixing the new cat page, good thing i love you guys.
stupid css was driving me insane, i hate it
at least it turned out okay, and i checked one thing off the list from the last post

30 August 2021
donda is great! thank you kanye!
not much is new, i feel like doing cat of the day instead of dumping them
ill change that tommorow, maybe do some kind of blog style daily cat post
literally just send me ideas through my profile posts or guestbook
click here to see my profile and click here to see my guestbook
29 August 2021
also - so much bug fixing has been done with little shitty mistakes
that i probably made years ago because i only edited this site at like 2am.
theres movies now too, for now its just videos, but i will be screening various
films and stuff for people to watch, i may even hold events for people to watch
movies together at the same time or somthing.
i found out that i had a chat room on here that i would have spent absolutley ages
figuring out and fixing and it was just never implemented onto the website.
theres also a pet? like u can interact with it and stuff, which also never got added
and i found out in the devlogs here that i was making a game, and then cancelled it
but i went and found the game and its literally not even bad, like i could add it.
i want to add the suggestion box, which has been under construction since day one,
and i want one mostly because i dont really know what to add now, other than just
the box, movie stuff, chatroom, and maybe a journal i can update semi daily or
somthing. this wasnt supposed to be this long but oh well, at least u can tell
that i actually care about this, because im back here again.
what should i do for 50,000 visits?!?! i dont know!! tell me on the guestbook
or somthing untill i figure the suggestion box out!, but nobodys reading this
anyway so ill just add it to another log somwhere when we get a bit closer
if ur still here, thank you, go comment on my profile "fat cat cant catch the rat"
incase u missed that, click here to see my profile, thanks
28 August 2021 PT 2
hey idiot! you forgot to add an archive log to the logs page from
november last year. also, cats coming soon!
28 August 2021
im alive. i dont know how long i'll be back for,
i dont know what else this site needs
i want to add cats, since i never lived up to some initial site ideas
literally what is a community garden,
i compltley forgot what its supposed to be and how it was going to work
contact me at lkjd.05 on instagram if u want

22 April 2020
reset community garden, more assets being made soon

8 April 2020
began community garden!

31 March 2020
i added online users counter at bottom of this page, go look!

30 March 2020
its 1:13 am, the usual time for me to remember my website after two months
i have no inspiration for this site anymore, no more ideas
if i dont add more stuff when its day time, ill probably leave agen

23 January 2020
back after being gone for over a month... again
happy new year, merry christmas

20 December 2019
back after being gone for almost a month
deleted the shrine

27 November 2019
game might not happen
> i need a new navigation system
26 November 2019
even more bug fixing
looking into making some sort of
game or activity for the website.

25 November 2019
not much, just bug fixing
chirstmas is soon! i may do a christmas theme if i get
enough vies/follows/guestbook signings!

24 November 2019
thank god! i fixed some bugs with the side bar with help from
discord people. i also removed the autoplay music on the index page
i also added a graveyard that can be accessed through the info page
this has all my old projects on it, i will continue to add info
about these later - also i entered a webring and there are buttons
moon widget embedded now and cooking pages have begun appearing.

23 November 2019
Hey!, Today I decided to move the "logs"
to a mini updates box so that its easier to read and find!
and i started work on the info page! theres lots there now and
i shouldnt have to add much more to it.
i also did some updates to the home page like
adding music, fixing syntax errors and some
sizing and information changes + i deleted the bugged hitcounter

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place holder for later added info

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